Karangan kontroversi

6 responses to “Karangan kontroversi

  • latisya

    this cant be wrote by school kid. i think it’s made up. not only the plot-wise but almost overall, from the details such as the general information, to the handwriting. duh! boring. trying too hard to touch people.

  • latisya

    i mean this cant be written. cilap lak makcik

  • Apet

    small matterla makcik.

  • nevermindlah

    budak zaman skrang banyak men2 la ye..nk kene sekeh jugak bdak2 skunk nih.

  • cutehamster

    haha,,what a ‘heartbreaking’ essay~
    seems like b0b’s teacher never th0ught him h0w t0 write an essay (a real essay i mean);P
    by da way, mr apet, can i get this b0b’s ph0ne number??lol

  • Apet

    Bob himself takde r. Tapi kalo cutehamster minat nak kenal budak2 yg macam bob, bley jupe kat Rumah Kebajikan Kanak2. Minat nak jadi mentor ke?

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